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ECO POWER PILL was tested and its main characteristics confirmed by NTL, an independent European laboratory specialized in fuel and oils. NTL also confirmed that fuels once altered by the addition of ECO POWER PILL remain within the EU legislation and guidelines covering fuels. More recently, this testing was also confirmed by international inspection organization SGS. This also means no harm can possibly come to engines from the use of the pills when normal dosage instructions are followed, as it dissolves completely in fuel, leaving no residues. The resulting altered fuel has been tested by the international inspection organization SGS and by NTL, an independent European laboratory specialized in fuels and oils, to conform to stringent EU fuel norms, making it impossible for the pill to harm engines.

ECO POWER PILL effect on engines and fuel was also thoroughly tested by TÜV-SÜD, which found no evidence of harm to engine. The tests, conducted on an almost new engine which had been taken apart and cleaned only couple weeks before, therefore decarbonised, also showed a substantial decrease in carbon emissions, which can be explained by the positive effect of the pills on the fuel itself.

Effect on engines
and fuels was also
thoroughly tested.