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Has ECO POWER PILL been tested?

Yes, ECO POWER PILL has been used and tested extensively. This experience informs us to continuously improve the product’s effectiveness.

For what engine can I use ECO POWER PILL?

ECO POWER PILL can be used for any diesel, petrol or ethanol combustion engine.

How often should I use ECO POWER PILL?

Every time you fill-up a tank. Between fuel saving and all other benefits, the pill more than pays for itself. You can’t go wrong!

Can ECO POWER PILL damage my engine?

No. ECO POWER PILL is not an additive. It is a 100 % organic fuel conditioner that leaves no residues on any engine parts. The process of cleaning the engine is done very gradually and will not cause harm to the engine or the fuel circuit.

Will ECO POWER PILL lower carbon emissions?

Yes. By improving the burning process and increasing engine effectiveness, it will release fewer un-burnt particles and will burn less fuel. Extreme volumes of emissions occur when the engine is cold (up to 10 times more than during normal working temperature of 90 °C). ECO POWER PILL will excel in this case.

Will ECO POWER PILL improve engine start-up in cold conditions?

Yes it will. Make sure though that you have good quality fuel (especially diesel), treated with anti-freeze if necessary, otherwise not even ECO POWER PILL will be able to help.

Will ECO POWER PILL help older engines?

Yes it will. Older engines build up residues on valves, injectors and other parts which need to be removed. ECO POWER PILL will actively but gradually reduce them. It may take 5 to 10 cycles of using ECO POWER PILL. After this you will notice that the engine runs smoothly again, will be more responsive, have more power and run more efficiently.

What will happen if I swallow ECO POWER PILL?

We have had experience of individuals, and even small animals mistakenly swallowing pills but received no reports of any illness or side effects resulting from it. Nevertheless, caution is advised.