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  • ECO POWER PILL is a fuel conditioner which is hydrocarbon compatible. It burns completely - no residue is left. It removes carbon sediments in natural way without risk of blocking the fuel system.
  • ECO POWER PILL dissolves quickly in petrol, diesel and ethanol fuels, improving the whole combustion process. Improved combustion creates a cleaner burn in the engine and reduces emission of exhaust gases, enhancing air quality, particularly in areas with increased traffic.
  • ECO POWER PILL accomplishes many tasks. Vehicle service costs are reduced with ECO POWER PILL -> No need to buy several different car-treatment products.

Decarbonisation of engine

ECO POWER PILL decarbonises internal parts of combustion engines and keeps fuel systems clean. It decarbonises substantially the area of the first piston ring, Injectors and spark plugs. These functions are guaranteed only by using the correct dosage.

Immediate effect of decarbonisation:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Getting back the original power and compressed pressures
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Solving problems with engine start-ups or irregular working
  • Renewed function of fuel injectors
  • Improved overall balance of the engine